Friday, 19 September 2008

A wine machine? Eh? Oenodigital!

"Please insert 50p." Hmmm. How many of you have been disappointed/poisoned by the taste of watered down coffee from standard - and cheap - coffee machines?

I was browsing through Bloomberg's website today and found an interesting entry, which could probably be best described as a fusion between oenophilia and technology. That is the essence of the Clo Wine Bar at the Time Warner Center in New York, which features interactive computer touch screens that let oenophiles call up descriptions of cult, boutique and rare vintages before tasting! Tasting/buying wine is now
as easy as buying music for your iPod/iPhone. Oenophiles can scan through illustrations of each bottle with their fingertips, and with the swipe of a credit card, an Enomatic dispenser squirts out the vino. And it tastes nothing like the 50p coffee machine. One disadvantage though: they're bound to get customers who are completely digitally illiterate!

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Mr Wilberforce said...

Necessity... the mother of invention - Plato - Let me tell you (hopefully without running the risk of sounding like an alcoholic!) this wonderful wine machine could become very necessary in my life! Thank you for posting this - I am fast becoming a fan of yours Mr Bento.