Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Irritability in the Oil Market: is the latter suffering from PMS?

Question: What's the difference between women and the price of oil?
Hmm. Tough one...

Here am I again writing about oil. Why? Why again? You might be thinking: OK, enough with the oil business Mister - enough already!

So why do I carry on writing about it?

Yes, you've guessed it. Oil making the news once again. That is because the price of oil has jumped by more than $16 to $120.92 a barrel, the biggest one-day gain on record. Last week oil traded as low as $91! Virgil once wrote: "women, so changeable, so fickle". Well, perhaps women and the price of oil aren't that different from eachother afterall...

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Anonymous said...

Yes my wife has always been the same as oil - dirty, expensive, bad for the environment, and has had men stupidly fighting over who gets to drill her!