Saturday, 6 June 2009

Brown going Down: Reloading Labour

Political escape-goatism. One of the greatest weapons held by the opposition in times critical to disturbing the electoral equilibrium. Thus the Shakespearian question pertains on Labour's besieged economic gladiator's conscience, PM Brown: to go or not to go? After a desperate cabinet reshuffle, prompted by a series of unprecedented resignations, the Prime Minister has fallen in a political trap that will undoubtedly be impossible to escape. Has Brown been political KO'd? Arguably, yes. Despite the mishandled recession, MP's expenses fiasco and an inability to engineer hope for the population, it is argued that Brown is still the best man to do the "job". What we need is not a new leader, but a new ideology. Labour's political philosophy, though commendable, has been subject to extraneous forces which have infected the roots of a party that once was the nation's favourite. It is now time for New Labour to be strategically replaced by Labour, Reloaded.

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Sherman said...

I recommend Newer Labour. If that fails, in two decades we can have Newest Labour.